First Aid Courses in Hervey Bay


Why choose us ?

It is the Instructor who makes the course 

If the trainer has not been a Paramedic or and Ambulance Officer Full time 

Then they probably  do NOT have the credibilty to be teaching First Aid 

Especially at the higher levels  

Where an in depth knowledge of the skills presented are required 

The organisation RTO  issues the Statement of Attainment 

When choosing the course 

Ask does the Instructor  who is conducting the course 

Have a background as a  full time  Ambulance Officer or Paramedic 

These are the professions that offer the most credibilty in First Aid Training 

Course Details

Our flexible practical courses 

Are conducted EVERY 

Mondays at 6pm 

Thursdays 9am

Saturday  9 am 

Friday 9am  

Choose the date of the course that suits you on a Monday or Thursday Friday Saturday 

E mail us or phone us and we will send confirmation for that date and enrolment details 

Payment Options 

Pay Pal 

You can Pay Cash prior to the course date  

Funds Transfer ANZ BSB 014699 Account 217551268 

Practical First Aid 

EFTPOS Contact Us 0741258175 or 0423312359

Invoicing by agreement

What to bring to the course

Please ensure you bring along 

Your Identification eg drivers license 

If pre paid  your confirmation of payment 

Drinks and food if you wish 

Comfortable clothing for training .

THE UNIQUE STUDENT IDENTIFIER this is an Australian Government Imposition

When do i get my certificate ?

We are a Co Provider for ABC First Aid 3399 and Immediate Response  

Upon successful completion of the course your documentation is scanned and entered into a data base 

Once all the information is confirmed and accurate 

The  RTO then issues the certification 

Once we receive the certificate we then forward this onto you by email 

This is your ORIGINAL print out in colour 

We do not post out certificates 

Normally takes about 1 working day to receive your certificate 

Booking / Cancellations

You are not 100% booked until full payment is received 

We are very flexible and many people simply turn up on the course date and pay that is ok 

If we have the space if not preference is given to pre paid clients 

please bring along your confirmation of payment 

Cancellation :

if it is later than 14days we will give a refund 

If it is less than 14days we will offer you a re booking 

If it is less than 24 hour notice it will be at our discretion if we re book a fee of $25 re booking fee will be charged 

if you simply don t turn up on the day then no further commitment on our behalf , unless a medical certificate is presented we will offer you an alternate date 

First Aid Courses in Hervey Bay Public Courses 

Including CPR First Aid  LVR / CPR and Childcare Courses 


Lost OR misplaced certificates 

Upon us sending your certificate by E mail

You have 1 month to email us if you believe you have not received your certificate

If in 6 months you contact us looking or a LOST certificate and we can determine that we had previously sent you one then a $30 administration fee will apply  

If your Training /Certification was paid for by for example employment agency etc then we have no obligation to release a certificate until full payment is received . Also we have an obligation to send the certificate directly to the business /company that paid for the certification unless we are authorised to issue the certificate directly to the participant 

Health to participate in First Aid Training 

Their is minimal physical activity in First Aid Training 

First aid is presented in a factual clinical presentation 

There will be wound simulations videos and scenarios 

This is to imitate possible injuries scenarios in the real world 

There  may be topics discussed in the First Aid Course that may cause you distress 

this is not an intention 

For example discussing heart attacks and a relative has had one this is an unfortunate reality of life 

If you make a statement for example 

I faint at the sight of blood then you need to work through this or perhaps consider not completing the course with first aid in real life there will be a high probability of blood and body fluids 

If you have any concerns please contact us PRIOR to the course 

Basic skills performed include CPR on the floor bandaging skills this involves contact with other people which should be done in a gentle respectful manner as a First Aider would 

Above all we try to make First Aid in Hervey Bay fun and informative