First Aid in Hervey Bay Frequent Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to supply a Unique Student Identifier USI 

This is a Federal Government Imposition not the Registered Training Organisations 

The USI states that all students 

YOU MUST supply a USI prior to attending any VET adult education courses 

If you do not supply this then you are not entitled to obtaining your Statement of Attainment stated by them 

Go to :

I just need to do a Refresher Course


The Australian Government no longer recognises  a Refresher Course 

For First Aid or CPR you in essence have to do the complete course again 

We do recognise when a person is competent and current and may assist you 

I need this course for example number or code 

HLTAID001 Provide CPR or HLTAID003 Provide First Aid 

This is simply a code from a training package that confirms this is from a  

Nationally Accredited program in this case the  Health Training Package 

Why am I asked so many dumb questions in the enrolment form like

 When did I leave school

Why am I doing this course   

This again is forced on training organisations by the AVETMISS  

It is called data mining 

Why should I register On- Line 

This assures you that you are  booked 

That all of your information required by the Australian Government 

Is accurate before you attend the course  in particular the USI matches your name 

When do I get my Certificate 

We try to issue Certificates on the day or the day after 

No Certificate will be issued until :

All Paperwork is fully Completed 

USI is confirmed 

Payment is completed 

Competency is achieved 


If your certificate is being paid for:

By an employment agency  government department company etc 

It is at our discretion if we release the certificate or await payment 

How long does a course take 

First Aid is about learning how to Save Lives 

Manage Medical Emergencies the list goes on these are very important skills 

We are aware that most people ONLY want the certificate for their job 

Want to get it done and leave as quick as possible 

As an Ambulance Officer /Advanced Care Paramedic 

Trainer of over 30,000 people in All levels of First Aid 

I have a minimum standard that needs to be achieved  

First Aid assessment is Competency Based 

A First Aid Course used to be two days now it is squeezed into one day 

For this to be effective most First Aid Courses require pre course study normally done on line 

If you are unable or unwilling to do on line 

We can offer you two options :

Call in and pick up the hard copies of the pre course workbook extra $5.00 

OR you can stay behind after the course and complete the workbook 

Do we  keep copies of the certificate we issue you 


We do not it is your responsibility once we issue you a certicate to keep control of that SOA 

All of our paperwork is sent to the Registered Training Organisation 

Course commencement times 

This is the starting time of the course 

It is your responsibility to get there at least 15 minutes early to start the paperwork 

We reserve the right of entry after the commencement of the course 

Do I have to pay on line 

No  We have lots of options for payment

Cash on the day or prior 

Funds Transfer to our account ANZ Torquay 

Credit Card 


Can you challenge test ?

Yes you can but you need to get 100% on the first attempt of the written assessment 

You will also have to demonstrate effective CPR and Bleeding Control 

Cancellation Issues  / Fees  / Refunds 

 if you cancel in these time frames

Group Bookings 

less than 14 days  25%  

less than  7 days 30% 

less than 7 days 50%.

General Public 14 days or less we offer you another course date

14 days or more we offer you a refund or another course date 

If we have to cancel at short notice  we will return all monies or offer you alternate dates .

If you simply don t turn up for your booked course and no notification is given then we are under no obligation to assist you any further unless you present a medical certificate for that date of the course 

If you notify the day prior to your booked course then we may be able to assist you with a reschedule that is convenient for the business 


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